Health and Wellness

Welcome back to Montgomery Orthodontics!




In addition to previous infection control measures, we have made additional wellness improvements. Please read our new office protocols and remember to complete the Wellness Screening Form prior to your appointment:

At Home, Just Prior to Your Appointment, please:

  • Click here to complete the Wellness Screening Form (within 24 hours of your appointment) and bring with you to your appointment
  • Brush your teeth at home
  • Rinse with mouthrinse such as Listerine or Peroxyl at home
  • Use the restroom at home
  • Wash your hands at home
  • Remember to bring a mask to your appointment

If anyone in the household is sick or has a fever, we kindly ask you to please call our office at 609-688-1611 to reschedule

Curbside Check-in and Parking Lot Waiting Room

  • Please call our office at 609-688-1611 once you have parked your car in the parking lot to notify us of your arrival 
  • Please wait in your vehicle until we’re ready to see you! Our waiting room is practicing social distancing
  • Once we are ready to see you or your child, a staff member wearing mask and gloves will meet you at your car to take your temperature with a contact-less thermometer and review your Wellness Screening Form
  • Make sure you have a mask on and our staff member will escort you into our office


Social Distancing Wellness Zone

  • We are only seeing one patient in the office at a time
  • Please wear a mask upon entering our office with our staff member
  • You will be directed to use our hand sanitizer prior to being seated for treatment
  • Parents and companions should wait in the car
  • However, we can accommodate one parent/guardian to enter the office with the child if desired
    • The parent/guardian will need to have their temperature checked and provide a Wellness Screening Form prior to entering the office
    • The parent/guardian is required to wear a mask and use our hand sanitizer upon entering our office
  • If you come into the office with gloves on, you will be asked to dispose of your gloves and use hand sanitizer to eliminate cross-contamination


Check Out Procedures

  • After the orthodontic procedure has completed, the patient will put their mask back on and will be escorted back to their car 
  • We will contact you by phone or text to schedule the next appointment, discuss treatment progress and process payment

If you have any questions about treatment or our new office protocols, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can be reached by phone, email, and/or via our website. We are here for you!

COVID-19 Office Safety and Health Practices

  • Temperature screening and wellness screening for all staff upon arrival to work every day for clearance to work in the office
  • Mask and gloves are worn at all times, with frequent hand washing by all staff
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will worn by staff depending on treatment procedure
  • PPE will consist of mask, protective eyewear, faceshield, scrubs and surgical gown
  • Utilization of sneeze guards and barriers
  • Increased hours of operation to accommodate new office procedures
  • Planned distancing scheduling
  • Reduction of aerosol generating procedures
  • As always, surface cleaning and disinfection after every patient
  • As always, all instruments are sterilized and wrapped
  • Complete office fumigation utilizing HOCl disinfectant (Force of Nature) daily.
  • Ultraviolet light germicidal air treatment, filtration and purification system built into our HVAC unit which runs continuously 24 hours/day killing 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and viruses and filtering the air. 
  • Our entire staff has participated in the recent American Association of Orthodontics Annual Session which took place virtually in May 2020 where the most up to date OSHA and CDC infection control measures in the COVID-19 era were presented


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the safest environment for our patients, staff members and families and to providing the best care to our patients. We are grateful and excited to return to Montgomery Orthodontics to continue to do the job that we love, caring for our orthodontic patients. We can’t wait to see your smiling eyes and smiling faces (behind the mask)